Why a blog?

This is my first attempt at a blog. Before I started this project, I had to ask myself the obvious question:”Why do this?” A good question. Why?

First and foremost, I have been collecting comics (again) for the past fifteen years and during this time I have learned some interesting things. Some of the things that I have learned I want to document so that I can continue to refine them and share them with anyone that might take an interest. All of the things that I have learned have started with a question, like:

  • What was the first Dell Comic to be published? The last?
  • How many Dell comics are there?
  • Are there any Dell variants?
  • Can the missing Dell Four Color comics be found? 
In my blog entries that follow, I will share my attempts at answering these and other questions. In doing this, I try to draw from as many resources as possible and I will provide references as best as I can. Sometimes the sources are other blogs and web sites, which have a transient nature to them. In these instances, I will copy the material directly and provide the reference, in the event the referring site might disappear at some future point. I also think this helps with the continuity of the exposition.

Secondly, I enjoy writing and I enjoy the challenge of trying to communicate clearly through the written word.

Thirdly, I am hoping that I might be able to enlist others in my search for answers to some of my questions.  The search for variants is a particularly difficult and time consuming enterprise.  I have been fortunate to have gentlemen such as Jon McClure and Doug Sulipa assist me with confirming the existence of many issues.  Publication patterns and trends suggest that many more still remain to be documented.

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